Monday, March 8, 2010


We can't have dogs or cats at my house because my DS is allergic to cats and I am allergic to dogs. So we have a bunny named Snowy and a hamster named Hallie. Originally the bunny belonged to my DS and my DD but as time went on my DD has pretty much taken over the care (cleaning & feeding) so the bunny is hers. The hamster is hers also-purchased with her own money.

Last week my DD and I go to the pet store to purchase some chew toys for the hamster because Hallie won't chew and her teeth keep overgrowing; my DD falls in love with the parakeets. I like parakeets but I tell her to think about it for a few days. On the way home she tells me she has picked out a name for the bird, Duck.
Yep, that's right a parakeet named Duck. At least the parakeet she eventually chose is yellow which somehow justifies the name. However, remember the name was chosen BEFORE my DD picked out the yellow bird so it could have been a blue parakeet named Duck.

Now you may ask what was the criteria for choosing this particular bird? Was it because she was yellow and her name was going to be Duck? No. She was the crazy one turning upside down and crawling through the plastic rings. And yes, she is just as crazy now as she was in the pet store.

I had to take the hamster to the vet (to have her teeth filed because remember she won't chew!) and I tell him of our recent addition to our family-what does he ask me? Does my DD want some turtles?


Contessa Kris said...

This is a funny story. Did you take the turtles?! lol I was all excited about the parakeet and thought you were going to post a pic! Where's the pic?!

Sharon Carr said...

What a gorgeous bunny! Do you think he'll (she?) be leaving you any Easter eggs?
And yes, where are the pictures of Duck??

My lifes inky escape and more said...

Hahahaha don't you just love having kids and getting lots of pets! Gosh I remember going thru an iguana (yuck) and 2 rats (double yuck) and hamsters that chewed they way out of the cage never to be found again in this house btw!

trisha too said...

Umm, Sharon, I've seen the chocolate eggs that Snowy leaves, and believe me, you don't want any of them.

Rhonda, this sounds oh too familiar.
I heard about the bird from the kid grapevine (sheesh, they aren't such kids anymore, are they? They're all TEENS!)

Anyway, does is sound familar to YOU, Contessa?? Does it?????????

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