Thursday, April 26, 2012

Retiring Accessories

Click HERE for the pdf. file of retiring Stampin' Up! accessories. Just a few things to note:

1. Craft ink  and refills are retiring (except for black and white) and will not be available in the new catalog.
2. The stamp pads are being reconfigured and should result in a cleaner image.
3. The new Classic refills will work in the old ink pads. However, a few colors of old ink refills will not work in the new "firm foam pads".
4. The Adorning Accents (jewelery) and Definitely Decorative (wall art) lines are all retiring.
5. Textured card stock is retiring.
6. 12 x 12 smooth paper will be available in assorted color packs and a limited number of single color packs.

Clear as mud??? Any questions just call or email me! 
rhondastamps @

Quantities are limited but many items are discounted. 



KER said...

thanks for the list...are all textured card stock retiring...even the 12 x 12?

Rhonda Langley said...

Yes, all the textured card stock is retiring. I now have to stock up as it is my favorite for scrapping (what little I scrap LOL!).

KER said...

i will have to as well...i love it for 6x6 recipe cards

Cheryl said...

"Clear as mud"? LOL! How funny! They are doing away with the Definitely Decorative line? Wow. Thanks for the list...

MiamiKel said...

Clear as mud! Yes ma'am! Good,to,know, I'll have to peek at the cattys ;)

Donna Heber said...


Thanks for the update! Are the classic ink pads staying the same?

Rhonda Langley said...

The Classic pads are being reconfigured to a "firm foam pad".

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