Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chalkboard Technique

Well-I decided to try some different techniques and projects that I saw posted on either the Stampin' Up! web site or on splitcoast stampers. The first one I tried was a little box with the scallops around the edges. There were step by step instructions and even a template to print on your card stock. As I tried to scallop punch the edges I kept catching the other flap in the punch. Hard to explain without photos but in a nutshell I messed it up in a big way. So flop #1.

Then I decided to make another box (without a template but with measurements so how hard can it be?) read the measurements wrong and nothing matched so I cut one part to fit and then the other side was wrong so I cut again. . .then the box went flying across the basement floor because someone threw a fit . . .flop #2.

So I decide that I wasn't meant to make a box I will move on to cards. I decide to try faux metal (again!). Faux metal uses layers of metallic embossing powder and while it is still hot you press a stamp into it and punch out the image and voila! a metal embellishment. For some reason when I use larger stamps I press too hard on one side but I thought I am experienced now I can do this but instead- Flop #3.

If at first you don't succeed. . .keep trying until you make something, anything!!!! This was my 4th attempt and even though I accidently put the wrong color in the center of some of the flowers it is at least something I can show. I did learn one thing embossing powder goes a long way and you can make many layers on many sheets of paper and still not run out of EP.

This technique is called chalkboard technique. If you use this same technique on black or brown paper it really does look like a chalkboard. I liked pulling out my pastels and using them. They were one of my first purchases from Stampin' Up!
Basically you stamp your image on dark
using white craft ink and then
color the image with pastels.
For step by step instructions go here.


Lynzart said...

I love really like this a lot. Your writing is very entertaining, too!

trisha too said...

this is really nice--and lookit at your fancy pants pictures now! forget that scanner! ;)

does this mean you're feeling better? or just better enough to stamp?

Maria (Inky Stamper) said...

love it! i too have had my pastels since I started stamping and I haven't used them much. love what you did with this card - looks great!

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