Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 2nd Canvas Attempt

Look I have overcome my canvasphobia and have made another canvas! This one is only 6 x 6" so it was not so intimidating. I am not much of a collager (is that a word? Spell check is underlining it so I guess not!) but I can make cards and scrapbook pages. To over come my "fear" of making a canvas I decided to pretend this was a 6 x 6 card or scrapbook page and then it was easy as pie to make. These are basically the colors in my living room couch so I can actually hang this up in my living room. The corners are a new sizzlet die I got from the you-know-where online auction. The paper is from the SU retired Hostess print pack. The flower is also a sizzlet die cut layered on a piece of twill ribbon that I frayed. The butterfly is colored using SU watercolor crayons and the body of the butterfly is many, many layers of black EP. The antenae of the butterfly is some floral stamens that my friend Trisha gave me.

Now that I am over my fear and actually using my stash of canvases instead of hoarding them, I think I need to make 2 more of these to hang in a group on my wall. It also helps if you drink lots of coffee and eat lots of chocolate.


trisha too said...

rhonda, that is beautiful! i'm glad you're recovering from your phobia!

Elizabeth said...

This would be a lovely wall hanging!

Renee said...

Great job on your canvas. I love doing canvases as well.

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