Monday, September 22, 2008

Went on a short vacation!! My DH likes to play in a golf tournament every year with his brother. Believe it or not it is called "The Chicken Tournament." All the men bring fried chicken to eat all day and play golf tournament style. Every year either my DH or my BIL fry the chicken themselves. Yep!! That's right I don't even have to cook it for him!! (Like I could even if I was asked.) This year my DH cooked the chicken. However, this year Ike decided to blow through the town of Malden, MO (in the bootheel near Cape Girardeau) on the morning of the tournament. The winds gusted to about 60-70mph-not good for golfing!!! As a result they did not start until about 10AM. There were trees and limbs down everywhere!!! No damage to any houses near where we were staying except my SIL's trailer. The wind lifted up the roof in the back and took part of the siding off one side of the trailer. Her sons seem to think it is fixable!!

Anyway while the men were on the golf course my DS, DD, SIL, niece & her DH & DD's, went to church and then out for Chinese. It is my great niece's favorite place to eat (yes she choose it before McDonald's). Needless to say everyone in the church and in Malden knew that we were going to eat Chinese after church!!! The morning went something like this:

"Hi Amber How are you?"
"We go eat Chinese!"

"Hey Amber, How's it going?"
"We go eat Chinese!"

"Amber nice to see you in church today!"
"We go eat Chinese!"

Do you see a pattern? Sooooo cute!!!!! Amber is 6 and is a miracle baby. She was born with Sturge-Webber disease. She was having multiple seizures and on many, many, dangerous drugs for most of her life until a couple of years ago. She went to St. Louis and had surgery. Now she is drug free and seizure free!! The right side of her is not as strong but she is walking, talking, and learning to write her name!! And she loves to eat Chinese!!

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