Monday, July 28, 2008

I am having one of those nasty birthdays today!!! OK I admit it I really hate telling my age. I generally avoid telling the truth at all costs!! I don't know why it just is. However, I think the cat is out of the bag and most of my friends and acquaintances know the truth I am . . . . . . 50.

This past Friday my friends surprised me with a party. It was supposed to be a Retirement Party for Stampin' Up!. Instead they all walked in with lots of goodies to eat and cake and balloons and funny cards and most importantly of all PRESENTS!!! I got a bag full of goodies like denture cream, muscle rub, hairnet, rain bonnet and prunes!! I received some impressive red shoes with purple flowers, a hand crocheted red hat with a purple flowers, some brads & eyelets, chocolate, gift card, a container with 100 different colored gel pens, bath & body works goodies, a lovely hand sewn bag, a bag of gifts with a story (thanks Barb) and many hugs!! It was such a great surprise and a wonderful party. And . . . we even made a card and I still got SU orders!!

Seriously, I am gazillion times blessed because I have so many delightful women that I consider my friends!!!!! My red hat off to you all and THANKS!!!!


trisha too said...

What she IS NOT telling you is that she had it coming--on my 40, she invited me to a "Stampin' Up" party. Right. It was a, "Gee, You're Old Now" party.

So we had a Happy 39th/Gee You're Old/Stampin' Up party for Miss Rhonda. She provided her own party favors in the form of a really cute popsicle card! :)

Christie said...

How sweet of your friends!! Happy Belated B-day!!!

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